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Who Are We?

Since 2004, we have listened to our client needs and help hundreds of companies attract more customers. We have helped national charities, local start-ups and eCommerce websites selling worldwide, always adapting and changing with the times to make sure we are at the forefront of proven marketing techniques.


Vibrant Pulse is a multi-skilled, talented team of creatives all sharing one common goal, to help our clients achieve business growth.

Open Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30
We are happy to help you with all of your website needs, marketing plans or ideas,  graphics, copywriting, photography or print services either as a complete, in-house solution OR as separate standalone services.

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Rosie K

Rosie K


Your website and social sites are key in meeting your business goals and making you stand out. Behind your digital material, a structured strategy enables you to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Regular updates and analysis are integral to maintaining a business’ online presence. Great digital marketing involves planning, creativity and fun!
Daniela S

Daniela S


Structure and order are very important to me, especially when working within a creative environment. We have created streamlined internal processes and communication systems for a smooth and seamless flow for every part of our work with clients, ensuring you a painless journey from brief to finished outcome.



As a designer, my main focus is on creating a cohesive visual identity for clients to tie every piece of media I create for them together. I have a very particular eye for detail that helps to ensure every detail I design is precise and accurate. My main specialities are website and branding/logo design, and I also have a lot of experience with print design, packaging and advert design.
John D

John D


John is busy writing up a bio, watch this space.

Cristian G

Cristian G


There are things that can not be expressed in words and we usually lack them, so the design and illustration I create complement this perfectly. I enjoy the process of investigating those aspects and translating them into designs that are a perfect fit for our clients and their businesses.



Emily is still writing her Bio and we will publish it soon!


June 2004

We opened our doors for the first time in 2004 as Exmouth Online, a cutting-edge online community portal to help connect residents connect with local businesses. This is something we still do today, linking our clients up with each other.

July 2004

Our first client, Mr.T BBQ Man, came to us for a website to promote his BBQ catering business. We must have done something right, as he’s still with us to this day though, we have made some improvements to his website since then!

June 2009

After five years in the business, with the support of our quickly growing client base, we officially rebranded the business as Vibrant Pulse.

September 2012

As our client base grew, we took on our first apprentice, Sarah. She wasn’t an apprentice for long though, as she became a full member of the team and worked with us for many years as a full-fledged graphic and web designer. This is something we have aimed for ever since, helping to train new talent within the industry.

November 2012

As part of our community commitments, we helped raise funds to set up the Exmouth Christmas Lights and bring a little festive cheer to the town, as there were worries the town may not put up lights that year. We succeeded and the town has had lights ever since. 

June 2013

With Vibrant Pulse getting ever-bigger, we needed a more professional home to do business. We moved right into the heart of town to our current office on The Parade, there have been some major changes since then as we have now grown to use the whole building rather than just a couple of rooms.

February 2014

In order to continue towards our goal of getting the very best for local businesses, we helped set up the yearly Exmouth Business Awards to recognise the best of the best among the many businesses in Exmouth. Our branding is still in use to this day.

June 2014

We set up Exmouth Photo Studio in 2014 to help expand the list of services we could offer, supplying our clients with everything from family photoshoots and passport photos to detailed product photography. This was in response to more an more people asking us to carry out non-commercial shoots.

June 2015

Vibrant Pulse was awarded the Website of The Week award by the Daily Telegraph for our work on Count The Kicks (now Kicks Count), a nationwide maternity information, news and events hub site we helped.

Jan 2018

In order to better reflect a stronger business, we launched a new company logo.

June 2019

We are so proud to reach our 15th year of business. With the thousands we have helped through the years, we’d like to say a huge thank you. Here is to another 15 years of Vibrant Pulse!