Online Advertising & PPC

PPC advertising is creation of adverts that show in the top spots on Google or Facebook for example. In theory, it is easy to create your own campaign and often we find our clients have tried this before. What we do find though is that these “DIY” campaigns are often very expensive due to the lack of experience in how to optimise your campaign meaning higher costs than you should be paying. We aim to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign and give you the BEST return.

Benefits of using Vibrant Pulse

  • We will optimise any existing PPC campaign to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your ad spend. We can also ensure you never spend more than you can afford.
  • You can squeeze all of our 10 years plus experience and expertise in PPC to save money and increase the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.
  • We can help improve your existing conversion rates by introducing highly targeted and optimised campaigns.
  • We will make suggestions on how you can increase the optimisation of clicks to leads/sales. If you are already on our web hosting plus service, the changes can be done free of charge.

We do more

Working with smaller to medium businesses, we find cash flow can be an issue and this is why we offer a flexible plan that will allow you to pause your campaign at any point or adjust your budget from the regular monthly budget. This is ideal if you have an invoice a client is late paying and cash flow is tight or, it is the wrong time of the year to advertise your product or service.


It’s important to spend time to fully understand and research what you are looking to achieve from your online advertising campaign and constantly review the process. This is exactly what we do.

For all new clients to the service, we will charge a small setup fee, affordable to the business. After this, we will regularly look after and monitor your campaign for you which is covered by a small management fee.

Our pricing is open and flexible with all fees discussed and set to make the campaign more affordable.

You can contact us on 01395 548133 to get a free, no obligation review on how we can help grow your business through PPC.