Spam! We hate it so we are doing something about it.

Spam! We hate it so we are doing something about it.

Spam, we hate it. And we are not talking about the stuff you get in tins even though we do not like that also! We are talking about the hundreds of emails we get to our inboxes each week, taking up our time, selling things we do not want and often things we do not want to see. We all know the ones, the little blue pills. What a waste of business time where we could be dealing with something more important.


So, rather than moan (which we have just done), we have done something about it and we are implementing even more controls to reduce the amount of spam our customers are getting.

In the last year, we have implemented many controls including an automated spam scoring system that rejects countless numbers of emails each day. Over our 9 servers, this must total thousands, if not more spam messages a day. But you will never notice it, it is our little silent spam killer but it is not perfect so we have another level of control that we have introduced today… we now check all emails against a database of IP addresses to see if they are from legit sources, if not, do they have valid SPF records? If the answer is no, we automatically send a message to the server that is sending you an email asking them to try to send automatically again later. Why is this important? Most spammers will not resend the email again, if it is a legit email, it will just be delayed a short amount of time.

Even though we have multiple layers of spam control, we will never stop ALL the spam messages coming to your inbox, and we will be caught out at some point in the future where someone will be hit with many more spam messages so what can we do when this happens?

If you are hit with multiple spam messages, we are able to introduce a manual layer of filtering to your inbox before it even reaches you so give us a call to discuss your options.

BUT WAIT! There is more! Even though we have drastically reduced the amount of spam reaching your inboxes with all our controls, we go that extra step when you ask us to look after your website design by making sure the spammers can not get your email address in the first place… as they say, prevention is better than the cure.

So, doing the web hosting search & comparisons – offers you the option that can reduce your spam. Are you looking for a web host that can speed your website loading speeds up? Are you looking for a web design company that understands web hosting with 9 of their own servers? Are you looking for face-to-face support for over 10 years of trading? We have the answer… Vibrant Pulse. We look forward to discussing your needs in your free initial meeting.

PS Did you know that we offer 24/7 support for our hosting? So if you need to discuss an emergency issue, we have emergency notification for school or you can call us anytime of day or night.

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