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The Marching Band Shop is an eCommerce site that sells and supplies a range of Marching Band equipment and uniform items worldwide. The owner approached the Vibrant Pulse team back in 2015 to redesign their website in an effort to increase website sales.

The Marching Band Shop is a large website with a range of unique problems to which we needed to overcome. The main challenge for which to overcome was how to display and categorise the several thousand strong product catalogue. 

The second challenge was being able to photograph the huge range of bespoke and exclusive items to the Marching Band Shop. For this, we developed a working relationship with them for which we set upon a program of updating the product photography within our own photography studio.

Several years in, the relationship between The Marching Band Shop and Vibrant Pulse remains strong, with constant communication and constant improvements being made to the website.



  • 2019 web traffic up 2400% compared to the previous website
  • First full year of the launch of new website saw a 30% increase in sales
  • Year on year growth in website sales since launch in 2015


“An enthusiastic & energetic company dedicated to offering all of the help & support that an online retailer needs, in a friendly and educational way. By discussing your business thoughts & marketing ideas with Vibrant Pulse, they give you the help & advice needed, to guide you through the world of online marketing & much, much more. The photographic department has been a very handy addition for us & the anytime back up service means that we can relax & leave all of the technical online stuff to the people who understand it.
If anyone is thinking of setting up an online retail business but doesn’t know where to begin, I would recommend giving Vibrant Pulse a call.”