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Brief: Vibrant Pulse started working with Exmouth Town Council in 2011. We were tasked with developing website solutions that were user-friendly, fast to load and responsive for mobiles. Additionally, it would enable council staff to update their profiles with a few other key objectives. The resulting website has had an enormous impact on Exmouth Town Council and has been a time-saver for staff wishing to update site content and deal with inquiries, e.g. freedom of information requests.

We develop an ongoing range of updates for Exmouth Town Council as we continue to maintain their website.

What we did: We built the website originally to help reduce the number of Freedom of Information requests/time spent on them along with adding functionality to allow the council take control of the site content rather than relying on asking for content changes to be done. Overall, the new site has reduced admin time and as a result, saved the council money compared to the last site done by the previous provider. We love to work with our clients and aim to “never finish a website” as changes are an ongoing journey. Exmouth Town Council is no different; we have been implementing ongoing improvements to the website design, and to this date have kept the website fresh and updated. Improved usability has been a big hit with all its users.

In addition to website maintenance for Exmouth Town Council, we also undertake their commercial photographyneeds for the website and are the official photographer of the Mayor for many years now. Furthermore, Vibrant Pulse photographs the team of council staff and councillors within our own photo studio for their website.

What do Exmouth Town Council say?

“Loving the new look, much better – more modern and slick.”