B! Health & Fitness

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing, Print, SEO, Vehicle Livery, Web Design, Web Hosting

Looking for a web design company based near Honiton & Lyme Regis, B! Health & Fitness contacted the team at Vibrant Pulse to look after and maintain their website. Based in Honiton and Lyme Regis, B! Health & Fitness are spacious and modern fitness centres that put customer service first. B! came to us wanting to increase their marketing efforts and update their website and branding. Everything needed a breath of fresh air, with the hope of increasing traffic to the website that would result in more membership sign-ups. The website was improved by the team looking at the photography, content and branding. B! have since continually used Vibrant Pulse for their marketing including print, graphic design and vehicle livery. Through these efforts, B! has become a gym that is incredibly popular within their local areas. B! are happy with our work, and continue to use us for their marketing and web management.