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If I say to you, to view your website, you will need to change your hosts file, you will more than likely turn around to us and say “what?”.
The internet works with a series of signposts, these are controlled by DNS settings, and tell a website user where to find that particular website.

Changing your hosts files simply tells your computer to ignore these DNS settings and look in a different place. This is how you can see your website that is in development without taking your old website down.

So how do you change your host file?

  1. Open up your windows start bar (if on Windows 10, please right click start bar, hit search and search for notepad this way)
  2. Go to “all programs”
  3. Open up “accessories” and right click “notepad”
  4. When you are viewing the popup menu, click “run as administrator”
  5. In the dialogue box that pops up, click yes.
  6. Navigate, in notepad, to File -> Open
  7. Navigate to Computer -> Local Disk -> Windows -> System32 -> drivers -> etc (this will appear as though no files are within the folder)
  8. On the bottom right, just above the “open” button, click the dropdown that says “Text Documents (*.txt)” and select “all files”
  9. Double click “hosts”, this will open up the hosts file.
  10. We will give you the details to enter on this file to view your website.