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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Here at Vibrant Pulse, we think that we should be doing our part to keep the planet Vibrant and healthy which is why we have implemented an environmental policy.

Our energy use

Where possible, we try to cut down and minimise the use of energy used within the company. As a result, we aim to have energy efficient fixtures and fittings to keep our electricity and gas usage to a minimum. Steps are taken to reduce the amount of energy wasted by, for example but not limited too:

  • Switching off lights when the rooms are not in use
  • Turning off equipment outside of work hours
  • Keeping equipment updated
  • Keeping the office building thermally insulated

As an extra effort, we are looking at sourcing our energy from renewable sources where possible.

For our website hosting, all our services are supplied and housed from within the first data centre within the UK to become Carbon Neutral. To do this, they produce their own electricity via renewable sources and where power is needed from outside this, tree’s are planted to offset any Carbon Dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels they use.

Paper & printing usage

Although hard, attempts are made to make systems as paper free as possible from within the office. Where paper and cardboard are used, we recycle.

For our print suppliers, we make every attempt to use suppliers to be as environmentally friendly as possible. To keep our Carbon Footprint reduced, we attempt to use local suppliers or those based within the UK. Any paper used to produce print is sourced from sustainable sources and any energy used is either produced from renewable sources or offset by our suppliers. Where also possible, we aim to use Soya based inks for any printing.

Given the nature of our work, it is very hard to ensure that we are Carbon Neutral given the use of suppliers and the power consumption needed but every step is taken to reduce our footprint to a minimum and we are taking active steps to become, Carbon Neutral. If you are looking to reduce your Carbon Footprint and you have preference to use our Carbon Neutral suppliers over our others, please inform us at the time off producing a quote where will inform you in more detail, about specific items.