Changing my name

Changing my name

For those more observant of you, I, Daniel, am changing my name officially and as a result, I am being asked why… so I thought I would set things straight and explain the reasons to you all.

My old surname of Smith is being changed to Fox so I will now be know as Daniel Fox. The reason for this is purely down to me wanting to continue the family name of my late Grandad and not Smith to which none of my family hold.

How will this affect things?

Changing a name is actually very simple and once I have the legal documentation, things will remain unchanged with very little actually needing to be done by our clients. There will be no need for a change of ownership within the business as we trade as a sole trader, the only thing you need to be aware off is who Daniel Fox is… but now you know that part!

I hope this very brief explanation helps answer the main question of “Why Fox?” I am being asked and do not be afraid to ask any other questions if you have any 🙂

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