Meet the team

Who are we?

It is hard to believe that we have been offering web design, graphic design, print and photography services since we started in 2004. Time has flown by.


Started by owner Daniel Fox, the Vibrant team has now grown to include a wide range of skills all working towards the same goal of getting more customers for our clients!


The team is lead by Daniel Fox who started the company offering advertising on a local based website, Exmouth Online. Now though, we are able to carry out a range of jobs both for fresh start-ups, sole traders and medium sized businesses aimed at assisting in the marketing efforts made by them. We aim to be the 1 stop media department for them!


Daniel Fox is very proud of the team and would like to thank them all. We would now like to introduce you to them, they are:


  • Sarah Wotton – Graphic Designer and print specialist
    Sarah has a flare for creating clear graphics that help portrait a marketing message along with making sure it is printed (if needed) on the right media. Sarah works with the rest of the team in linking larger marketing campaigns together.
  • Emily Walton – Graphic Designer and layout specialist
    Emily brings a wealth of experience to Vibrant Pulse in layouts and typography which is utilised in creating stunning layouts for both print and web.
  • Briony Pessell – Customer relations and copywriter.
    With a focus on communicating and planning marketing with our clients, Briony carries out an upfront role in making sure these marketing messages are communicated in a clear and precise way be it dealing with content on websites, printed material or social media posts.


Pop in, say hi and have a coffee, though just one thing, we all like biscuits so please come armed with a packet! We go through our supply far too quickly.