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Why is our website hosting so good?

Here at Vibrant Pulse, we are obsessed with SPEED! Your website loading SPEED that is.


We provide much more than just a website hosting service:


  • Our faster website hosting will help you rank higher in Google as standard
  • We have UK based servers as standard
  • All data is compressed as standard
  • Keep alive sessions are enabled as standard
  • Work on speed improvements is carried out consistently as standard
  • You get email and web space as standard
  • The team are here to provide 24/7 support as standard
  • Any questions can be answered by phone or by visiting us as standard
  • Large amounts of spam will never be a problem as standard
  • Uptime of 99.9% is given as standard
  • Go green with carbon neutral data centres as standard
So why is a fast loading website important?

A slower loading website can not have that much of a difference can it?


Simple answer is yes, the faster your website loads, the better it will perform! Here is why.


Studies have suggested that nearly half of web users expect your website to load within the magic 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. This means that you could be missing out on a lot of potential sales.


More studies have suggested that 79% of web shoppers who have had trouble with a web sites performance say they will not return to that site to buy again and around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online meaning yet even more potential of lost revenue for your business.


Having a faster loading website will also mean you rank higher in Google! I do not need to tell you how important that is!

So yes, we are hooked to SPEED! And the result is better website performance and rankings for all our customers!

All this speed and performance costs from just £50+vat a year!
From sites with hundreds of visitors a year to MILLIONS a month, we have you covered.
Want to SPEED TEST your website performance?

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