Copywriting & creative content

Are you new to business and new to websites?  Would you like some advice to help you build an effective online presence?  Have you heard the expression “Content is King” and wondered why?

Designing Content


In the early stages of developing a website, you may be thinking about the design and layout, learning about different types of navigation and deciding what sort of photographs you need.  Perhaps you would like a website that is specially designed to perform effectively on mobile phones? These are all aspects of content and crucially important to achieve an effective look of your final product.
Just as important, is to consider what is the purpose of your website?  Is it to make your brand stand out?  Is it to provide easy access to your contact details? What is the information you want to convey?  These aspects of content bring their own challenges and the latter relates especially to the text itself.

Writing Content

Any website, no matter how creative it is, needs to get the right information across to its audience.  Text is used to inform, educate and sell services or products to customers you may or may not have met before.  It is also part of your “shop window” so you need to make it do its job effectively.  You can do this by paying attention to the structure of your text and its organisation.  Information needs to scan well and appeal to search engines.  What you write really counts.  Websites rely on creativity and communication and if you pay attention to both these aspects you are well on the way to crafting kingly content.

When we are building your website, we will offer you the option of having help to write and edit your content. If you are interested in this, please contact Vibrant Pulse on 01395 548133.