Uploading images to your website.

29 Sep Uploading images to your website.

If you are looking to add more images to your website after we have completed it for you, we can work together to speed up the overall process.

This guide will lead you through the necesarry steps to enter the WordPress dashboard and add images to the media folder yourself, removing the time delays caused by sending images to us by limited means such as email and cloud storage and physical media like disks and thumb drives.

You will require a WordPress username and password, which should have been provided by to you upon completion of your site if you have asked to be able to enter the backend and work on website yourself.

Open your preferred internet browser and type in the adress for your website followed by ‘/wp-admin’ in the address bar.





This should take you to the log in page for your website, if this doesn’t work make sure you have typed in the full address correctly.















You will be greeted by this screen. Enter your username and password (we recommend you don’t tick ‘Remember me’ for security reasons) and click ‘Log in’. If you cannot log in make sure your details entered are correct.




















Your screen will now look similar to this, but not exactly the name. This is called the dashboard and will look a little confusing at first, but you won’t need to worry about almost everything on this screen. Click the row labelled ‘Media’ on the left side in the dark grey sidebar.


















You’re now on the media page where the graphics and pictures for your website are stored and organised. Click the button labelled ‘Add New’ next to the page title ‘Media Library’.














You can now drag and drop the images into the box surrounded by the grey dotted line. Make sure that the files are smaller than your website’s allocated size limit.

You have now successfully added images to the backend of your own website, meaning we can get right to adding those images to your web pages!


This guide was brought to you by Sam Arthur from Vibrant Pulse.

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