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About This Project

Kicks Count are a charity very close to our hearts. The UK has the second highest stillbirth rate in the developed world and the aim of Kicks Count, is to reduce the rate and save many lives that would have been needlessly lost otherwise. The charity carries out it’s important mission by passing as much information as possible to parents-to-be via printed and online media outlets.


The Vibrant Pulse team were asked to carry out a quick redesign of the website initially to help make the right first impressions for an expected increase in traffic after appearing on ITV’s Surprise Surprise. The deadline was tight, to redevelop the website within a 2 week period.

Since then, we have been tasked with helping increase traffic, help produce literature and help raise money to aid continued efforts via an eCommerce package.



After 2 weeks of solid work, we managed to produce a far improved, optimised website that was capable of making the right first impressions for the charity. Since then, we have managed t0 grow the website from 36k hits a year to over 1,000,000 a year and growing. This was achieved in 2 years.



We have had continued customer feedback with Kicks Count on an ongoing basis, and have been happily using the Vibrant Pulse team since 2014. We are very happy to help keep this relationship growing and moving forward.